Who are we to judge

Who are we to judge..

Anyone. We are nobodies living in the same world as the person next to me, down the street, in the same class as me. We are nobodies.

Who is anyone to say that they aren’t as good as someone because the kind of clothes that they wear? No one. Who cares if it was last season or if they don’t have an outfit that is worth a couple hundred bucks. If anything I want to know where they shop at. I for one am not the type to blow money on such stupid things, if I am going to spend that much, you better believe that I hit a deal somewhere and I need to make multiple trips to my car to get all the bags out. Whether they are poor or just frugal, I call it being smart.

There is so much more to life than the types of clothing one wears, or what kind of shoes they wear, or the type of food they buy. The only person who truly cares are the ones that are giving them the attention and pointing out all the pointless things that doesn’t even matter.

No one is put on this earth to judge anyone. Worry about yourself. K Thanks.