I’m Obsessed!!!

Just another obsession.


I will be the first to admit that I for one am one of those people who just cannot get enough

of having phonecases. I know it’s like shoot me or something.

(JK) but seriously, I don’t know what it is about them, that I just got ot have, I just cannot get enough of them.

I see them as being clothing like what we wear.. (gotta change it up) :)

But to be honest I think it is gettting out of hand. But atleast it’s not one of those expensive addictions. Like smoking or buying clothing or something of that nature. All my cases for the most part are 5 bucks and under.

One might say… “How you get them so cheap?” (So slang aint it!)


It’s simple its all in where you shop. I go to five below and I am pretty sure I probaly talked about this at one point in time or another but, that is the store to go. I also check out other shops when I am out but if they are too much I say forget it. No case is worth more then 20 bucks.. let alone 10. Thats just how I see it. So all my cases are 5 bucks. Gotta love it.

So I am a collector and I just would like to get to 50 cases :) Sounds crazy. One might even say why would you want so many cases. It’s called options!!!! HELLO!! (don’t judge).. well you can I just wont pay you any mind. :) & there you have it. My sick obsession.




This seems like a common question that one might find themselves asking more often then they should. I don’t know about you but I live in America. This is suppose to be a place for opportunity, isn’t this why people from all over come to live here to live out the “American Dream”? Whelp, it is all a big fat lie.
The one thing that stumps me the most are employers and companies assuring people when they apply that there is equal opportunity with no discrimination. That is a lie. We all know this and it shouldn’t be that hard to get hours at a job or even receive decent pay.
Here is the biggest problem with companies and why people aren’t hanging around as long as they would like. Wasting more time on training then actually people working. Who decided it was a good idea to have a set up that asks a million fake questions that have really nothing to do with work or having the chance of it happening less then 10%. How is that kind of judgment off of questions make or break who gets a chance to work.
The BIGGEST issue that personally gets under my skin is the possibility or racism and it is ludacris that it is still happening. People who are interviewing people go off not experience but looks and if they personally like you. I recently applied for a warehouse where it stated no experience needed will train anybody and looking for people who are willing to work second shift. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it?
I went to a job fair they had (brand new building) applied three times got called for an interview and went and a month later or so. I called a few times a week, no one returned my calls, until someone finally did and they said what I already predicted they would and we are not going through will hiring you. So I asked why and she said she was not sure.
What a bunch of bull right.
Two main things that should automatically get ANYONE a chance as a job is two important questions
1. Are you available to work 2nd shift. (Or whatever the shift is). Yes
2. Do you have reliable transportation? Yes.
Those are the only two things that should over rule everything. And the thing that kills me is people that I know who are being hired by these companies. People who bullshit there way with answering the questions right to whoever is hiring them. But these are the SAME people who have never had a job, cant hold a job, and do not posses a license or a car.
WHILE the people who can hold a job and people who want to work and take their jobs seriously and want to succeed, who have reliable transportation and have a car are the ones who never get a chance.
and good job to the ones who make poor judgment decisions on who is a hire the wrong people based off looks and personal opinions.

Back to French


It all started when I was in 6th grade when I first discovered this amazing language. I was never the type to want to fit in and follow what everyone else did. I never had the desire to learn Spanish.. who cares if it is the second language in the US.. not my problem.

French. That is something that has always been calling out to me. It wanted me just as much as I wanted it. Ever since Madeline. Anyone remember that little French girl? I do.

I remember that I had a disc for my computer and I learned something’s from here but that left me only wanting more. I have no idea why I wanted to learn it so bad and today I am still slowly learning the reasons behind it.

I want to be there… in France I want to learn what they know I want to speak with their accents.. I want to live that life. Seems so wonderful ..but looks are deceiving. I am not dumb I am pretty sure it’s not what it seems like but it is just one of those things that I feel like I need to do a place where I need to see and a language that I need to speak, need to communicate with.

Is it the language of love?

I don’t remember…

Any who,

So last year sometime.. the summer to be a bit more exact, I went online and checked out Rosetta Stone. It is expensive so I was a little taken back by actually wanting to see out my “future” but I bit the bullet and downloaded it right away and made a few 80 dollar payments.. (what a killer that was) and now that I have had it for so long I haven’t even opened it up or even looked at it in months. So with that said I must indeed get back on track with what I been dreaming of doing as a child.

I am going to¬†use the same excuse that anyone would use about anything and that there is just not enough time in the day… Sometimes that can be true but if I actually want to follow through and succeed in another language I have to make time for it.

Let’s see where I am at with that in about a month..

Fingers Crossed…